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21 Collections 71 Products
Aegean collection with 11 products
Aegean 11 products    
Aegean Gold collection with 2 products
Aegean Gold 2 products    
Alencon Gold collection with 3 products
Alencon Gold 3 products    
Bambou collection with 1 products
Bambou 1 product    
Coasters collection with 1 products
Coasters 1 product    
Deco Twist collection with 2 products
Deco Twist 2 products    
Fortuny collection with 1 products
Fortuny 1 product    
Frames collection with 3 products
Frames 3 products    
Gold Braid collection with 8 products
Gold Braid 8 products    
Han collection with 1 products
Han 1 product    
Lamina collection with 1 products
Lamina 1 product    
Lapis collection with 2 products
Lapis 2 products    
Lorel collection with 1 products
Lorel 1 product    
Napkin Jewels collection with 1 products
Napkin Jewels 1 product    
Perlee collection with 17 products
Perlee 17 products    
Perlee Gold collection with 3 products
Perlee Gold 3 products    
Platinum Braid collection with 4 products
Platinum Braid 4 products    
Ray collection with 2 products
Ray 2 products    
Spice Jewels 2 products    
Venise collection with 1 products
Venise 1 product    
White Soie Tressee collection with 2 products
White Soie Tressee 2 products    
General Products
$28.00 B&B White Soie Tressee
B&B White Soie Tressee $28.00 ($US) 4 Likes
$44.00 Dinner White Soie Tressee
Dinner White Soie Tressee $44.00 ($US) 6 Likes

L’OBJET is the vision of Elad Yifrach. Quality is his mantra, and all the firm’s offerings are his own original designs.

A lifelong traveler and devotee of the Mediterranean, Elad is enamored of its peoples and ways, and especially its venerable traditions of craft. His designs, on the one hand, represent a spirited homage to these great artisans ...... Read More